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Tony's Satellite World
with Brian Oliver and Tony Dunnett

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TSW_008_07mar13.mp3 More about reception of VAST in NZ  (30 minutes)
TSW_007_22feb13.mp3 Ku Reception in NZ and VAST  (42 minutes)
TSW_006_12feb13.mp3 The LNBF  (31 minutes)
TSW_005_03feb13.mp3 The Toroidal dish and FaceTV launch  (29 minutes)
TSW 004_25jan13.mp3 The Prime focus dish. Euronews reception  (35 minutes)
TSW_17jan13.mp3 The off-set dish and selecting the correct LNBF  (30 minutes)
TSW_08jan13.mp3 Symbol Rate and FEC (38 minutes)
TSW_03jan13.mp3 2013 Industry Projections (152 minutes)


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