Brian Oliver
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Recent Additions:
  • Death of Clarry Oliver of New Plymouth. Clarry was the great-grandson of Samuel Oliver b. ca 1820, the Miller. Brian, along with his wife Carol and daughter Emma met with Clarry in February 2009. We send our condolences to the family.
  • Correction of name for Ivy Oliver b.1888, daughter of Frank Richard Oliver and Ambrosine Rogers.
  • Updates for descendants of Neill Alexander Hamill, great-great-grandson of Mary Ann Oliver b.1826
  • Descendants of Muriel Dulcie Sundy b.1910 (nee Treweek/Oliver)
  • Siblings, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts of Ada Edith Osbourne who married Francis Otto McKoy in 1919.
  • Descendants of Ronald Allen Oliver b. 1920. Ronald is the great-grandson of Charles Oliver b. 1843 and Martha (nee Allen).
  • Ancestors of Brian’s ( mother, Isabel McCaul. Includes surnames of Alston, Clark, Cox, Devis, Dodson, Hewish, Horneman, McCaul, Reid, Scarth, Snow. (Includes further addition of the McCaul Family Tree, originally compiled by Barbara McCaul in Canada in and updated in 2002).

Brian and Carol Oliver
26 April 2017

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