Brian Oliver
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Latest Updates:
  • Hamblyn family names relating to the descendants of Minnie Oliver, daughter of Francis Oliver b. 1840.
  • Ancestors of Ambrosine Rogers (wife of Frank Richard Oliver b. 1850)
  • Descendants of Ambrosine Rogers and husband Frank Richard Oliver
  • Children of Richard Frank Oliver b. 1880, including Evesta Vyionna Oliver, Ruby Gwendoline Oliver and their spouses.
  • Wilson Oliver Evans (grandson of Frank Richard Oliver b. 1850) and Wilson’s daughter Glenys Rae Evans
  • For Rose Oliver, daughter of Frank Richard Oliver b. 1850, and her family
  • Marriage details for some descendants of Sam Oliver b. 24/06/56 and Susan Caroline Barrett
  • Ducker names - related to Francis Oliver b. 1840 - through Ada Ducker’s son Charles Leslie Rawlinson who married Gwendoline Ruby Waters. Gwendoline Ruby Waters mother’s (Jessica Winefred Andrews) brother, John Willie Andrews, married Alice Bertha Oliver, daughter of Francis Oliver b. 1840.
  • Emmeline Joy (Joy) Muir (nee Billing) recent death and updated descendants
Removed Duplicate Entries
This lead to the discovery of a branch of the Soffe family with dual links back to James and Ruth:
  • Richard Soffe and Karl Soffe (born in the 1970s) through their father (Gordon Soffe) trace their roots back to William Oliver b. 1831.
  • Richard Soffe and Karl Soffe (born in the 1970s) through their mother (Amber Whitehead) trace their roots back to Charles Oliver b. 1843. And, through Charles Oliver’s wife, Martha Allen, can trace their roots back to nobility and to William Crispin I, alias "Guillaume de Colleville", who was a companion of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Both William Oliver and Charles Oliver are children of James and Ruth Oliver.

Brian and Carol Oliver
26 November 2016

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